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About the work of Jonas Vansteenkiste

The works of the artist Jonas Vansteenkiste are defined by spaces.
He uses several media, i.e. installations, video, sculpture, photos and drawings.
He refers and uses – both in a physical and psychological way – architectural elements.

He builds up spaces, or creates situations which can best be defined as "mental spaces".
Mental spaces have a resemblance with "Denkraum", a notion mostly found in philosophy and architecture. "Denkraum" can be seen as building walls,

not only in but also from the chaos of one's own perception,

emotions and thoughts to express in a clear way these experiences and feelings.

Keeping this in mind, Jonas defines and creates his works.

These works depart from a personal experience where the anecdotal is moved

to the background where it is further purified into a "basso continuo" used to build upon. He approaches the medium "installation" as one of reference and experience. He thus places the spectator in an active role: he invites him to step into the work and situate himself – both mentally and physically – in it.

The artist also leaves room for the spectator to add his own personal experiences in these installations, which are not only the "relevant" place for the artist, but also for the spectator.

The same exercise is repeated in his drawings: these spaces are more personal so a spectator is only invited by a gaze…

portrait by Richard Duyck

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Biography & CV


1984 born in Kortrijk, Belgium


1996-2002 DAS art high school, Kortrijk

2001-2003 sculpture classes

2003-2004 KASK Gent 3D

2004-2006 KASK Gent Combined Media

2006-2007 KASK Gent New Media (Bachelor)

2008-2009 KASK Gent Media Art (Master)

2015-2016 research in arts & design, St-Lucas Antwerpen

(Master After Master)

2024- Head of Ceramic department at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam


Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Kortrijk, Belgium



Group exhibitions (selection)

"Betekendt", kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)

"The city as a strategy",Spinrag festival, Kortrijk (BE)

"EXIT 50", DAS , Kortrijk (BE)

"De Kamers van Zé", Antwerpen (BE)

"The Summer Exhibition" PINSART, Brugge (BE)

"Kunstblikken", CONCORDIA, Enschede (NL)


"Grand Prize Ernest Albert"curators: Hans Martens & Steven Op De Beeck, de garage, Mechelen (BE)

“Boeckmans,Vansteenkiste,Verheylesonne”, Kusseneers, Brussel (BE)

"ECHO OF THE DEPTH IN SPACE" curator: Anna König Vlk, Pragovka Gallery, Prague (CZ)

"Our House", maison de la culture de Tournai, Doornik (BE)

"Vedute XL", Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL)

"Amor Fati", with Dodi Espinosa, Pand OOX, Kortrijk (BE)

"Horchamp", Andenne (BE)

"Draw Me a House" Spinrag festival, Kortrijk (BE)

"export Import festival", BRONKS, Brussels (BE)

"Children's Art Day", CC PERRON, Yper (BE)

Espace Censuré a volonté’ curator Jan Verhaeghe, Brugge(BE)

"Lijf en leden / Life and limb" Curator Daan Rau, galerie Morbee, Knokke (BE)

"Sint-Denijs City, kunstbiënnal" curator Jan Leysen, Sint-Denijs (BE)

"Sans Titre" DMW Gallery, Antwerp (BE)

"AMOK", KAAP,  Brugge (BE)

"Wonder", Buda Fabriek, Kortrijk (BE)

"Wonder, Memesis",4n20 , Kortrijk (BE)

"Vedute collection", Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam (NL)

"Modernism for the Future 360/365", Kaunas (LT) 

a collaboration with Leiedal,Kaunas and Kaunas District –European Capital of Culture 2022 

"We Are Vessels" Het nieuwe instituut, Rotterdam (NL)

"4 x 4" Warp, St-Niklaas (BE)

"New Memories" Duo show with Joke Raes, Gallery Sofie Van den Bussche, Brussels (BE)

"Memento" Kortrijk, (BE)

"TEST CASE XXV" EKWC, Oisterwijk (NL)

"Ulterieur 2021", curator Petrus Paklons, ntgrate, Kortrijk (BE)

"Fragile Bricks", curator Frederik Van Laere, Tielt (BE)

"HEAT/ENERGY"Curators: Martin Ålund, Torbjörn Johansson and Jonas Ellerström, Kummelholmen, Stockholm, (SWE)

"Drop in drop out" De ontsteking, Gent (BE) 

"Niemand is een eiland" Stichting ijsberg, Damme (BE)

'Art@Work', Curator Benedict Vandaele, De cellen, Oostkamp(BE)

"L’Épilogue C2L3Play", Click, Mons (BE)




"Isolation | Communication"Färgfabriken, Curators: Martin Ålund, Torbjörn Johansson and Jonas Ellerström, Stockholm, (SWE) 

"Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing" online show 

Circle Foundation for the Arts (FR)

"WONDER"Creativity Festival, Kortrijk (BE)

"Commedia dell'Arte", De mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder (BE)

"Salon des artist", Ronse (BE)

"City trip" CC de Steiger, Menen (BE)

"Synergia" duo show with Joke Raes, CC Brugge (BE)

"PRE-TRIENNALE" Brugge plus, Brugge (BE)

"Artivirals" Maaltebruggekasteel, Ghent (BE)

"Toutes les Lignes Droites sont Courbes", De ververij, Ronse (BE)

"unravelings" PARCE ,Ghent, (BE)

‘in the absence of the artist’ @ virtual exhibition

"Behind the Glass", online project

"Open House" ZK/U, Berlin (DE)

"Kunst aanzet" De mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder (BE)

"INSIDE/OUT, Borluut Castle, Ghent (BE)

"Borrowed spaces" WARP, St-Niklaas (BE)

"Ménage à deux"Het Stadsmus, Hasselt (BE)


"Seeing the invisible", Novi Sad, (Serbia)

“Measures of poetry” curator Jan Van Woensel, Bogaerden kapel, Brugge (BE)

"Landscapes 2.0" Bubox, Kortrijk (BE)

"The wrong house" the wrong house, Kortrijk (BE)

“Genisis” curator Christa Vyvey, L.A.C. Sigean, (FR)

"hier und dort", Bad Godesberg (DE)

"Home sweet home" curator Jan Leysen, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)

"Open House" ZK/U, Berlin (DE)

"Test case xIx"@EKWC, Oisterwijk, (NL)

"Point in Time",@EKWC, Heusden, (NL)

"Lola & Jonas" ZSenne art lab, Brussel, (BE)





"Les Traversées du Marais, sur le fil, Paris (FR)

"50th Grand Prix of Actual Drawing", Ronse (BE)

"On Show", the South African Association, Cité des Arts, Paris (FR)

"Don't Mention the War", Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke, (BE)


"Botanical stills II" de Mijlpaal, Knokke-Heist (BE)

"About desire and consolation", Kunstenfestival Watou, Watou, (BE)

"The Homecoming", curator Jan Van Woensel, 252 CC, Ekeren (BE)

"Viriditas", de mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder (BE)

"Blind date", DAK, Amsterdam (NL)

"Le pays le plus laid du monde?", Halluin (FR)

"Dolers", Dendermonde (BE)

"Botanical stills" de Mijlpaal, Knokke-Heist (BE)





"Inspiratie - Landschap", curators Kristof Reulens & Eddie Guldolf,  C-Mine, Genk (BE)

"Provinciale prijs beeldende kunsten 1997-2017", Roger Raveel Museum, Machelen (BE)

"El Camino- a way between two pionts", curator Christa Vyvey, KADOC, Leuven (BE)

You don’t need an app to experience the real thing’, Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels (BE)

"Yart",Gent, (BE)

"Celibataire Divas", Hasselt, (BE)

"Southern Comfort", Fort 5, Edegem, (BE)





"Coup de ville", curator Stef Van Bellingen, St Niklaas (BE)

"Périples", espace culturel de la FDE, Montpellier (FR)

"Tradition doesn't graduate", curator Nikolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk/KOMPLOT, Brussels (BE)

"Hommage", BOZAR, Brussels (BE)

"MANAMA@Hole of the Fox", Antwerpen (BE)

"Interrupting The City", Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp (BE)

"El Camino- a way between two pionts", curator Christa Vyvey L.A.C. Sigean, (FR)

"Provencial price east-flanders", Roger Raveel Museum, Machelen (BE)
"Water WAR", curator Christophe De Jaeger, Buda Kortrijk (BE)

"El Camino- a way between two pionts", curator Christa Vyvey , Brugge (BE)





"PLATFORM",Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin (IE)

"Fabric Spaces", Curator: Sevie Tsampalla, Piano Fabriek, Brussel (BE)

"Aandacht Aandacht!", De warande Turnhout/C-mine Genk (BE)

"St-Lucas @Biënalle of Venice", Arsenale, (IT)

"Line-up", Gent (BE)

"#INOFFICE" De Mijlpaal,Heusden-Zolder (BE)
Kunstenfestival Watou, Watou (BE)

"Bunker Archeologie", Broelmuseum, Kortrijk(BE)
'Stille, stomme getuigen', A Gallery Named Sue, The Hague (NL)
'ART TRACES', Langemark-Poelkapelle (BE)
'Immersie!', De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder (BE)

"De Grote verleiding" Kuurne (BE)

“So let’s retread memory lane, Villa de Olmen, Wieze (BE)





'Tussentijd', Oosterzele (BE)
"Citadellarte",colaboration with M HKA, Diest (BE)
'Private Shelter', Vrijstaat O, Oostende (BE)
"Cuesta"curator Frederik Van Laere, Tielt (BE)
"MDD veiling, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (BE)
"Kunstenfestival Can'Art", Kuurne (BE)
"Nightshop",MDD, Knokke (BE)
‘Tussenwereld, Intercommunale Westlede, Sint-Niklaas (BE)
‘Warum? Iedereen zijn oorlog’, Zonnebeke (BE)
‘The medium of everything’, School of arts Ghent, Ghent (BE)
‘Crox 458’, Croxhapox, Ghent (BE)





‘Over Liefde die we niet begrijpen’, Kunstenfestival Watou, Watou (BE)
‘Museum aan de overkant’, VZW Wit.H, Kortrijk (BE)
‘Cantaté’, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)
‘Spiegelbeelden,’ MADO, Kortrijk (BE)
‘The Big Draw, we draw our relationship’, The Big Draw, Ghent (BE)



'de Canvascollectie/ la collection RTBF', BOZAR, Brussels (BE)
‘OFF TRACK', Ghent (BE)
‘BHArt#01', Red Fisch factory, Borgerhout (BE)
‘Kunstensalon Sant’, Bruges (BE)





'Paradise lost Paradise', Sint-Maartenskerkhof, Kortrijk (BE)
'Label 08', KASK, Ghent (BE)





The Swan Song of parking palace, Kortrijk (BE)
'Canvas collectie', BOZAR, Brussels (BE)
'fast forward', M HKA, Antwerp (BE)
'privat public painting', MuZEE, Ostend (BE)
'CERTIFIED COPY', Verbeke foundation, Kemzeke (BE)





'How to save the world in 10 day's scrapbook', Vooruit, Ghent (BE)
'Places of memory, Places of vision', Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome (IT)
'Wie biedt meer?', Flagey, Brussels (BE)
Logement, Antwerp (BE)
'The ever mass land', Nadine, Brussels (BE)
'Nowhere/ Now here', Art track, Ghent (BE)
'New Times Roman', timefestival, Ghent (BE)
'The Apartment Project",Curator Laurence Dujardyn, London (UK) 





'KASKweek', KASK, Ghent (BE)
'At first sight', iMAL, Brussels (BE)
'Canvas collectie', BOZAR, Brussels (BE) 





'KASKweek', KASK, Gent (BE)


Solo exhibitions (selection)

"Body is my temple", Curator Michal Trávnícek, Industry, Brno (CZ)

"Fractum domum",Galleri Kronborg, Bergen (NO)

"Draw Me a house", cc de ververij, Ronse (BE)

"Draw Me a house", Waregem (BE)

"Draw Me a house", Centre Culturel Wolubilis, Brussels (BE)


"Architectural wounds", Curator Martin Ålund, Den Fantastiska Platsen, Stockholm (SWE)

"Atelier 7"Luc Peire foundation, Knokke (BE)

"39",THE WRONG HOUSE, Kortrijk (BE)


"Modernism for the Future 360/365. Membrane" Villa Gaverzicht, Waregem (BE) a collaboration with Leiedal, Be-part & Kaunas and Kaunas District –
European Capital of Culture 2022 



"ruins", Drongenhof chapel, Gent (BE)

"Bang, Bang" show with Veerle Michiels, Raverzyde, Oostende (BE)


"Denkraum", Gasthuiskapel, Borgloon (BE)

"Reflections",THE WRONG HOUSE, Kortrijk (BE)


"Mr. House"(an introduction), Cité international des Arts, Paris (FR)

"Palimpsest interventions", streetart project, Paris (FR)




"Mr.House", The Trophy Room, Curator Sevie Tsampalla /Alexander J. Croft , Liverpool (UK)

"Double Standard, Yart,Gent (BE)

"WANDER MEANDER II", curator Lieven Van den Abeele &Hendrik Tratsaert in the private home of Julie Vandenbroucke & Michel Espeel, Wander Meander is an initiative of the artist duo Sarah & Charles (BE)




"A Pile of Homes", curator Sandra Rogier,Tour & Taxis, Brussels (BE)

"A House is not a Home, Mike Kelley version", curator Gerry Van Tendeloo, permanent installation @ Libaert projects, Kortrijk (BE)




"Mentale ruimtes", Zottegem (BE)

"Form Follows Fiction ", Waregem (BE)


"Habitat, un séjour à titre temporaire", Bortiergalerij, Brussels (BE)



"A Space of Confinement", Benedengalerie,Kortrijk (BE)

"A Space of Confinement", Hopstreet, Brussels (BE)

"Front", Fotorama, Wevelgem (BE)




"Beyond the story", CC SPOOR, Harelbeke (BE)



"Immersion: Atelier 7", SEAS CC Scharpoord, Knokke (BE)



Awards & selections in competitions


"Grand Prize Ernest Albert"curators: Hans Martens & Steven Op De Beeck, de garage, Mechelen (BE)


selection: 50th Grand Prix of Actual Drawing", Ronse (BE)


winner of provencial price East-Flanders, Gent (BE)


Winner of Jan Van Rijswijck center, WARP, St-Niklaas (BE)


3th price PBK City of Harelbeke (BE)


selected for Canvas collection, Brussels (BE)


Winner of the IMP award for young talent

selected for Canvas collection, Brussels (BE)


selected by Jan Hoet for the Rodenbach award

selected for Canvas collection, Brussels (BE)








residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (UK)

EKWC, Oisterwijk (NL)


De grote post, Ostende, (BE)


Werktank, Leuven, (BE)

Warp, Sint Niklaas (BE)


Sundaymorning@ekwc, Oisterwijk (NL)

Modernism for the Future, Leiedal & Kaunas – European Capital of Culture


Rucka, Cesis,(LV) cancelled by Covid




Sundaymorning@ekwc, Oisterwijk (NL)

ZK/U, Center for Art and Urbanistics Berlin, (DE)

Grant, Government of Flanders, (BE)

ZSenne art lab, Brussels, (BE)




Cité internationale des arts, Paris (FR)

Grant, Government of Flanders, (BE)




Emile Vandoorne Museum, Genk (BE)

Grant, Government of Flanders, (BE)




Our Institutional Futures, Winterschool, School of Creative Arts, Dublin(IE)




Grant, Government of Flanders, (BE)




Rome spring academy, Rome (IT)

Cv as a Curator


"The smiling response" city of Roeselare (BE)

"ziltes" solo show of Bernadette Messiaen, cocurator Klaus Verscheure,Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)



"PLUSSING" with Ilka De Wilde, WARP, Sint Niklaas (BE)

"Studio Den Draad", Textuur, Kortrijk (BE) result after coaching sessions.



"City trip”, CC Menen (BE)

"Behind the Glass", online show





“The Wrong House” Kortrijk (BE)

“hier und Dort”, Haus am the redoute Bad Godesberg, Germany




“Don’t Mention the war”, Kunstenhuis Harelbeke (BE)




“Driven, story’s of objects, Museum 1302, Kortrijk (BE)




“ontsluiten” Mivalti, Tielt (BE)

“Young” Kunstenhuis Harelbeke (BE)

“Maen Florin” Kunstenhuis Harelbeke (BE)




“Bunker Archeology” Buda Museum, Kortrijk(BE)

“Ophelia”, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke (BE)




“Grenzeloos”, Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke(BE)

 “sanseveria” Kunstenhuis Harelbeke

“Xavier Tricot” Kunstenhuis Harelbeke



“Cantaté” Kunstenhuis, Harelbeke(BE)

represented in art collection Public & Private

LIEBAERT PROJECTS, Kortrijk (BE) private collection

Collection of province of east Flanders, Gent (BE) public collection

Collection of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), Gent (BE) 

Collection of Hotel Messeyne, Kortrijk (BE)

Collection of Provincial domaine Raverzyde, Ostend (BE)

Private collection of the family Adyns -Vanderstraeten

Private collection of the family Vandewalle-Hollevoet

Private collection of S. DeJeaghere

Private collection of J. Leysen

Private collection of J. Anckaert

Private collection of R.Martens

Private collection of S. Rogier

Private collection of K. Norro

Private collection of J. Van der Cruyssen

Private collection of the family Vermeersch

Private collection of S. Tsampalla

Private collection of F. LeJeune





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