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"A Space of confinement"

Instalation 2011

The starting point for this work.
Vansteenkiste is fascinated by the concept of home and architectural fragments as windows, doors, corridors, stairs, ... Like one of his great examples of the Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock. Both see it as a dubbel facet of the house, on one side a safe environment but is also a place that could turn against the people and become a 'prison'.

Confinement (the state of being confined) means including detention, house arrest or in the broader sence fixed in a place. This aspect is of course reflected in 'The Birds' the town houses are under siege from the birds without a viable reason appears that al logic seems lost.

For Melanie, Mitch and the other characters the house seems a save heaven that wil protect them from attacks, but this space is also their fragile wooden prison.


To Confine ... means to entrust something to someone or something.

The duality of the title here is thus a very conscious factor.

The action of Mitch Brenner who breaksup the shed and geaters wood to close every window of his home hermetically fascinates Vansteenkiste, this action he interprets as a harbinger of an intense period of introspection and social tension between the people who undergo this situation.

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