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sculpture, 2021
bronze, blanco keys, keychains 
technical support: Sander Alblas

Vide de poche is a series of domestic sculptures, small in scale disguised as a bunch of keys the artist reflects on his past trajectory. Various references to other art works of Vansteenkiste are incorporated as ornaments in key chains. The title vide de poche refers to a French object first made in 1720. It is a tray where one can put the contents of one's pockets to undress. 

In Vansteenkiste's case, it is not a receptacle but the key bunch itself that serves as a collection form for his work.

Vansteenkiste sees this as a mirror moment to weigh up where you have come from and where you want to go.  The keys are unusable and don't fit any door, you can see that negatively or they can be a runner for the future. Vide de poch is a transitional object in the oeuvre of Vansteenkiste, who thereby broadens his visual language and pays homage to his past work.

Each year new elements can be added to the work.


IMG_7267 2_edited.jpg
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