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"A dollhouse for Rachel Whiteread"

 sculpture & meeting Rachel Whiteread, 2009-2011

Circa 120x70cm

When I was physically confronted with one of her casted stairwells, I was astounded.

The work left a lasting impression on me and I wanted to know more about this artist and her work.


When I set out to read about her work, I saw resemblances between

how we both experience the relation between human beings and space.

I began to see Rachel as a mentor guiding me

in my own artistic quest.

In this manner she gave me insights in my own perception and experience.

I have the impression that Rachel has given me a lot through her work and thus

I wanted to give something in return.


I read that Rachel collects dollhouses and this triggered my work.

As we all know a dollhouse is a relational object in the best known way: 

an object between a father and his daughter.

The maker and the one it is made for.


As such in the back of my mind I started to

make my own dollhouse with my childhood home as the blue-print.


My dollhouse has no walls: it is in fact an open structure that refers to a house and its rooms. 

The only room that is defined is the staircase. 

This is a hint to the starting point of the project

(the experience with a Whiteread stairwell)


The sculpture is the first part of this work.


The second part consists of actually presenting

the dollhouse sculpture to Rachel Whiteread herself.

a Special thanks to Laurence Dujardyn, Sven Overheul,Mi Casa & Rachel Whiteread

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