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"Formulas within Dialogue" 

collaborative project by Hanne Van Dyck, Carl Haase & Jonas Vansteenkiste. 2016
 contribution to Augmentation for 2 X 1,  a two volume publication initiated by current participants of the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Hanne , Carl & Jonas explore designed surroundings and the impact they have on the experience of an individual, the public and the world we live in.

by using discussions as a methodology the content and form will become increasingly clear.

Our goal is to utilize this collective effort to make things of value about things of value.

Value in and itself as a key component and form.

In I.A.Richards ' the meaning of meaning: A study of the influence of language upon thought and of the science of symbolism Richards lays out the contextual theory of signs that words and things are interconnected.

"trough their occurrence togheter with things, their linkage with them in a "context" that symbols come to play that important part in our life(even) the source of all our power over the external world".

So far a word to be understood through Richards' theory it " requires that it forms a context with further experiences."

By utilizing the strategy of Richards traingle we have designed a stencil that enables this new context to further experiences by creating a link between ourselves, the viewer and the object.

This Stencil is the companion piece to the article.

The purpose of the stencil is to provide an augmentation of the possibilities to create new contexts within a given text.

The addition of a hashtag over other glyphs is its use within metadata and makes it possible to maximize your connections.

Along with this hashtag we created a symbol that enables you to change written text into past, present of future tense by using affixes.

this way you can reinterpret, reshape and reuse written words as self-referential accessories, wich allows for freedom and self-expression.

It is specifically designed as one size fits all.

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