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site specific intervention 2016

Bruise is a series of adhesive strips arranged in accordance with and in response to the architectural make-up of the space.

Highlighting the tragedy of homelessness and the inherent loss of an appropriated identity through shelter,

the work takes the shape of magnified bodily bruises interlinking the first (human) skin and the second (architectural) skin to which it has become applied. 

"Bruise" in the home of Arteconomy from architects 51N4E

made possible by:

Lisa Demeulemeester, Hendrik Tratsaert & Ines Schweiger, Lieven Van Den Abeele & Helen Simpson, Eric Verbeke, Sarah & Charles and a special thanks to Julie Vandenbroucke & Michel Espeel

in the context of Wander Meander

voorstel Bruise wall.jpg

digital proposition of a museumwall

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