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site specific intervention 2016-2023

bruise 23-2.jpg

Bruise is a series of interventions on and in architecture. These interventions have the appearance of wallpaper or transparent fabrics, curtain, etc. Each time they enter into a relationship with the architectural or domestical space. the intervention enters into a dialogue with the place but is also a reaction to the architectural design. it creates a friction.

Although the form varies the motif is always the same,a design of purple, pink blue hues that from close up remind us of the colorfield paintings, the more distance you take the more the image unfolds and that a picture of skin unfolds to us.


The basic image that Vansteenkiste uses for these interventions is magnified physical bruises that connect the first (human) skin with the second (architectural) skin on which it is applied.

This creates a connotation between house and skin, house as a second skin.

If we look further we see that this skin does have trauma in it. it is not flawless, young skin but skin scarred by a burst of blood, a bruise as we call it.

With this, vansteenkiste points out that our protective forms are also subject to threats from outside and this also leaves traces internally. For Vansteenkiste this work is also very personal because through this work he also pays homage to his Grandmother, who was the model for this bruise.


"Bruise" in the home of Arteconomy from architects 51N4E

made possible by:

Lisa Demeulemeester, Hendrik Tratsaert & Ines Schweiger, Lieven Van Den Abeele & Helen Simpson, Eric Verbeke, Sarah & Charles and a special thanks to Julie Vandenbroucke & Michel Espeel

in the context of Wander Meander

bruise 4-2.jpg

Intervention at Roger Raveel Museum, 2015-2016

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