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"the swansong of parking palace"

Pefomance 2010

Everyone lays ‘a first stone’ from time to time, but none reflects at the stones which had to make room.

The main theme in The Swan Song of Parking Place is the farewell to a building which was a part of the Kortrijk cityscape for years.

It’s not only a farewall but also a reference to things to come.

We wanted the building to speak for itself, and why not… let it sing as well.

 A swan-song, a number brought by a performer before disappearing from the stage.

We soon found a connection with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, which lyrics ooze a similar context and vibe. The song was noted in the charts about the same time the Parking Palace was built. We soon started indentifying the parking with the lyrics main personage.

A character at the end of his life, looking back, regretting certain things he’s done, mistakes he’s made… but above alle realizes all those things made him into a unique person.

The same applies to this building. That’s why we wanted to give it a proper farewell before it totally disappears, remaining only in our memories and Lies’ relics.

a project with Lies Caeyers ( 

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