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Ceramic installation, 2019

Ceramic, wood, sound,smoke machine


"Folly Rocks and Fence", 2019

A folly or follie is a construction that is intentionally useless or bizarre. A folly is a non-conventional building, unsuitable for housing or other functions and does not serve any purpose other than decoration. The term folly is taken from English where it means foolishness. The term entertainment architecture is sometimes used in the Netherlands. Folly's were widely used in the past for additions to estates. In particular from the late 18th to early 19th centuries it was fashionable to have some romantic elements built on an estate. Popular were, for example, constructed ruins and caves, fake chapels and so-called hermits' places. These structures could be supplied ready-made by specialized contractors. Rock parties were simulated with chicken wire and concrete. Waterfalls were also often constructed, for which existing watercourses were moved, with or without the help of natural materials. In Vansteenkiste his Folly's he is using fragments of the Disneyland Paris Themepark and isolating them as small ceramic sculptures in this way emphasizing on the folly/fake nature of this park.


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"Folly: Rabitshole", 2019

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