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video installation, 2008

is a video presented on a flat screen televisions mounted into a installation.

The video begins with a black image and only audio. 

The audio is organic and crunching.

Once the image comes alive one’s interprets it to be a wall however we

cannot define the exact image.


As the title of the work suggests this is an ode to Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki.

The Polish composer mainly known from his Symphony No. 3 

‘Symfonia piesni zalobnych’ known as Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs. 

His music evolves very slow and is meditative and this is one of the reason to create this ode.

The beginning of the video is a black screen with only audio,

sounds, very organic sounds with a long resonance.

The sound is slow and takes it time to unfold. 

Not only are the sounds slow, they are also very deep and profound. 

The actual image appears from within the black and it seems that we are

looking at a still image.

The picture is modest, peaceful and the whiteness of the wall is interrupted

by light beams passing by.

A dialogue between image and sound is created and on certain

points it is a kind of fusion. 

But then, the moment you expect it to become a total symbiosis their roads

parts and a tension between the two comes to live.

The sound as the picture are striking, torsionating layers in a rather 

pleasant and fascinating way.

The audio that in the beginning sounded mysterious and cold becomes

more and more to the full and seem to influence the picture

to burst until the image dissappears and the only thing left are sounds

and an after image of the space.

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