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"A pile of homes"

Sculpture 2014

variable sizes

From a distance, the work looks like a pile of stones. Closer to the pile, architectural details become visible.


"A pile of homes" examines the problematic fact of residential areas from the 1960s, these were built by construction supervisors designing and building for the resident but rather with a profit margin in mind. That is why these houses are often built on wetlands and non-sustainable materials.


The Swiss philosopher Alain De Botton said that the construction companies charged us with "pastiche" houses, a cliché way of life, a cliché house. Hence the archetypes that Vansteenkiste uses in this work. The construction company does not think about our needs and living needs, but sees houses only as a product.

That is why Vansteenkiste deliberately chooses to display these houses as a pile of discarded bricks, thereby questioning the value of a home / house.

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