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Installation 2007-2014

wood 10x1,5m

“TRANSIT” is an installation constructed out of two elements.

A physical part; a loose standing construction of a corridor, entirely

build up out of gyproc and wood and only the interior is finished.

The interior has been finished similar to a newly build apartment. 

The colour of the walls is a deep grey, taken out of the video part of this work. The video part shows us a picture of a single bedroom, seen from behind half open doors. The shade is grey and shows us a room in which the only movements come from the wind and the light. It seems to be a peaceful area but when confronted longer you notice that this room has an other undertone.


“Transit” begins just like a portrait.

This time a portrait of a state of mind, a mental state. 

The lireral ‘portrait’ has been replaced by a space.

The physical element, occurring as a corridor that normally leads us from one place to another. In this installation brutally to a dead-end. 

‘Transit’ has all the qualities of a corridor: long, narrow, etc. 

This space only pretends to be a corridor, it doesn’t lead us to another physical space.

In this case it is the conductor to another unreachable place.

A bedroom. The bedroom, often seen as one of the most intimate spaces of someone’s house has been given a slightly odd nature. The room seems to have everything to be charming and peaceful, but after a while it develops an awkward after taste.

made possible with support of:

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