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“ Cella Naos”


Wood, Ink, Work By Marlene Dumas:"Girl in a darkroom"

Circa 2m x2mx 2m40

At the invitation of curator Christa Vyvey for the exhibition "Genesis, a collection in movement", Vansteenkiste developed “Cella Naos”

The curator's question was to enter into a dialogue with an artist from the Moget collection.Jonas Vansteenkiste chose the work from the "Girl in a Darkroom" collection

from Marlene Dumas. Her oeuvre always had a strong influence on his own practice. He was particularly interested in the theme of apartheid and exclusion in society, as well as her use of layering in her titles and her use of ink in her drawings.

He builds the installation: "Cella Naos". Starting from the relationship and idea of ​​a Greek temple with his Cella Naos, the holiest part of the temple, Vansteenkiste builds a suggestion of this space in the skeleton form. The work of Dumas placed just like the statue of the saint in the temple Several questions are immediately activated: Is this the effective space discussed in the painting Is this space a homage or an autonomous installation Is the installation an echo of the feeling in Dumas' work ? The wood in this room was completely colored with ink, which also refers to Dumas her work, so this installation is a homage to one of his idols.

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"Girl in a darkroom" Marlene Dumas

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