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"Double Standard"
installation 2016-2017
 wood, cocos welcome mats

"A double standard" is the use of different starting points for similar situations."

The title "double standard" highlights the double morality, we unconsciously use to the self and the other.

Double standards are believed to develop in people's minds for a multitude of possible reasons, including: finding an excuse for oneself, emotions clouding judgement, twisting facts to support beliefs (such as confirmation biasescognitive biases, attraction biases, prejudices or the desire to be right).


Human beings have a tendency to evaluate people's actions based on who did them.

In a study conducted in 2000, Dr. Martha Foschi observed the application of double standards in group competency tests. She concluded that status characteristics, such as genderethnicity and socioeconomic class, can provide a basis for the formation of double standards in which stricter standards are applied to people who are perceived to be of lower status. Dr. Foschi also noted the ways in which double standards can form based on other socially valued attributes such as beautymorality, and mental health.

Vansteenkiste's works confronts us with a basic double standard in our behavior.  He invites us to be "welcome" but we are immediately confronted by the white fence that shuts us out.
We like to give the impression that we are open and social towards everyone but are also very territorial when it comes down to it. This duality in our attitude is an interesting behavior to consider and reflect on.

Thanks to Maika Pieters and Eline Gheysens

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