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Transitoria, A book of Joke Raes & Jonas Vansteenkiste

The inspiration for the publication came after our strong collaboration and successful presentation of the duo exhibition 'Synergia' in the Poortersloge in Bruges.
We see the book as a renewed meeting and cross-pollination of each other as visual artists.

Together we go on a voyage of discovery of points of contact, in search of a new transitory space where our artworks and practices flow into each other. Several national and international curators, writers & art critics were invited to make a textual contribution and reflect on our work and the possible synergy.
Bruno Devos from Stockmans Art Books is supervising this artist publication and the production of about 320 pages of our art practice. In September 2021 the book will be available in various bookstores and museums.
Are you also excited to support us in this first major presentation of our concepts and visual arts?
PRE-SIGNING: You can order it now before the book is published.


COVER: softcover, sewn bound with open spine, DIMENSIONS: 165 x 236 mm 

Publisher: Stockmans artbooks, Bruno Devos.printed in Europe, Belgium, Duffel.

Editors: Joke Raes & Jonas Vansteenkiste
Concept: Joke Raes & Jonas Vansteenkiste, Bruno Devos

Authors: Sofie Crabbé, Sevie Tsampalla, Jan Verhaeghe, Frederik van laere, Ranti Tjan, Willem Elias, Stef Van Bellingen, Patrick Bassant, Jeroen Laureyns, Els Wuyts, Mieke Mels, Julie Vandenbroucke, Carine Fol, Meruro Washida, Yoriko Ishizawa, Jan Leysen, Philippe Van Cauteren.

Editing correction letters: Elle van Uden
Translation: Jonas Vansteenkiste
Graphic design: Joke Raes, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Lisa Demeulemeester, Bruno Devos

Photography: Jonas Vansteenkiste/Dirk Pauwels, Matthias Desmet, Michel De Pourcq, Johan Delcour, Richard Duyck, Jonas Vansteenkiste & Monique Pelser
Joke Raes/Matthias Desmet, Arno Roncada, Joost Vanhaerents

How to buy? fill in the form bellow.

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You can register by transferring 40 € + postage (7 € Belgium / 14 € abroad) to BE79 9531 2928 8033 (Jonas Vansteenkiste) stating 'order book + let us know if you want to order an Artwork + your address or collection'. We will send the book when it is paid. 

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A book on the work "Front"

Veerle Michiels & Jonas Vansteenkiste.

'Front' is a project where two architectural types are processed. On the one hand a bunker, the other a framing reference to a house. In both elements the concept of 'protection' is essential, but their visual and historical character bring other associations to this work.

In combining the two architectures into a new whole, there is a content and visual tension that makes it into complex relationship. The bunker is a introvert volume and  the fragile structure of the wooden house has more an open charachter.

Is this a house under construction?

Does the bunker the foundation?

For this wooden skeleton hiding something or

is this construction a materialized desire to become a home?

By a shared fascination with bunkers we decided to cooperate and investigate this fascination.

​"Bunkers are a ghostly reminder of destruction and oppression but the idea of home slumbers in this symbol of protection."

With Contributions of:


Jo Bogaert writer, Producer

Hendrik Tratsaert, Curator, writer and artistic director of Vrijstaat O

Mathieu de Meyer: archaeologist and conservator of Raverzyde

Lieven Van Den Abeele:

art historian, art critic and curator. He teached contemporary art history at the École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.


Grafic design:RMEMBR

translation: sartorius and blot


prize: 20 euro

How to buy? fill in the form bellow.

or send a E-mail to

your purchase is confirmed after transferring the amount with the message: Front 

The cost is 20 euro + Shipping cost

We also charge the following rates for shipping.

(7 € Belgium / 14 € abroad) 

to BE79 9531 2928 8033 

stating 'FRONT'and your name as a message

We will ship the book when it is paid.

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