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series of drawings and short story 2016

Ink on paper



The series loopholes are a drawing reflection of walking "El camino"


Walking :"El Camino" is for me rather a metaphor for reflection. While I was walking trying to paste pictures on this thought.

I  stopped by the half-open doors,the openings in the landscape, architecture and the cave entrances because they are like metaphors that struck my imagination.


These openings were like gateways
to a different world, just like the rabbithol in Alice in Wonderland pipe to a place behind the scenes.

They are the threshold beyond which we dive into another reality, an other world. 


The series "Loopholes" (gaps) are sort of small backdoors by

which we enter our world of ideas to us.

They also have a function heterotopic that makes us think and construct our daily reality.

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