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Sculpture, 2023
Metal chains, sculpted foam head of a Corinthian colonne.


In the 1980s, the anime series Saint Seiya appeared, based on the constellation and star signs. In this series, you have the character Shun, who represented the Andromeda star sign. He has chains that protected him and warned him when there was danger, this image was the start of the fascination of this motive for Vansteenkiste.


Andromeda refers to the princess in Greek mythology. Andromeda was said to be sacrificed to a sea monster and chained to a rock, Perseus saved her and married her.  Later Zeus made her into a star sign Andromeda is also referred to as women in chains.

This made the chain a central player in this work. The duality of strength and being chained and interconnected is a motif that Vansteenkiste uses to tell his story. In the work, we see a capital of a Corinthian column lying on the ground, Where normally The pillar would be Vansteenkiste  transformed into a cluster of chains.

The column, the iconic foundation of Western architecture, has lost its function and seems to be searching for new significance.
For Vansteenkiste, the work Andromeda is about redefining itself after a moment of crisis.

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