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The wrong House

The wrong house is an artist-run initiative that offers a platform for presentation and reflection with a focus on visual arts.


“The Wrong House” is founded in 2019 by Jonas Vansteenkiste with the intent to form an exhibition platform emphasizing on the relevance of art through interdisciplinary art forms and present-day subjects. 

Inspired by the  strong belief that art is a reaction to what is going on in society.


The name the wrong house is a hommage to Steven Jacobs’ book about Hitchcock and architecture. 


The exhibition space and offices are located in Kortrijk (BE).


We make exhibitions in our gallery space or we curate projects in local or cultural contexts of cities and institutions.

Or vision is to collaborate and participate with different partners and a broad audience.

In the folder Projects you can find our archive of realizations.


Warm regards 

The Wrong House team.

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