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In "Plussing" curators Ilka De Wilde & Jonas Vansteenkiste highlight the essence of WARP.

"Plussing" is a verb that "wants to get more out of existing situations, contexts, people, conversations, exhibitions, ..." 

The term plussing refers to the concept of Walt Disney and his meetings - where instead of ideas being shot down, each critique had to come up with "a plus," a new idea or suggestion to enhance the original.Hence plussing as a verb.

But the term also plays with the idea of a newly composed family, plus-parents, plus-children, ...


WARP has had a tradition of plussing for years, in addition to the exhibitions and lectures, they have also been supporting artists for years. The portfolio days/artist village is the core of this. In bringing together artists, curators and the public, a new relationship and a new artistic family emerge.


In "Plussing", we show the selected artists of the last portfolio day. Each of them went through a selection process and had a conversation with several curators in WARP.

Ilka and Jonas entered into a dialogue with each artist, challenging them to create a new work or to push their boundaries.

16 artists together with various works and starting points. Throughout the spaces of WARP they will introduce these artists and their work to you. 


Besides the fascinating exhibition, we will also "pluss" with an activity programme that complements the expo.


Gabriela Acha - Sigurros Gudbjorn Bjornsdottir - Thomas Decuypere - Lieze De Middeleir - Marie Farrington - Maaike Huys - Lucian Moriyama - Tania Simonca - Merel Van de Casteele - An Vanderlinden - Julie Van der Vaart - Arthur Van de Velde - Gieles Van Duyse - Mathieu Verhaeghe - Bram Verstraeten - Aaron Willem


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