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Artists were inspired by the tragic and poetic power of water, personified by Ophelia, a character from Shakespeare's work. Jonas Vansteenkiste invited eleven artists to be inspired by this theme. The works touch different facets of Ophelia and enter into dialogue with each other in the historic building on the Leie.

Artists: Anouk De Clercq (BE) - Mario Leko (HR) - Xavier Tricot (BE) - Suzanne Walsh (IE) - Lawrence Beck (USA) -
Annelies Slabbynck (CN) - Eva Koch (DK) - Joël Schuurmans (BE) - Stéphanie Leblon (BE) - Ruben Bellinkx (BE)- Mieke Teirlinck (BE)

commissioned by the city of Harelbeke, the province West-Flanders, Kunstenhuis 

curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste.

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